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Northland's Church History

Beginning in November 1942, a few disciples from the 7th Avenue church of Christ met together to form the Northland church of Christ. Committed to the area, the congregation moved from a storeroom on the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Hudson Street to the American Legion Hall; the next move was to a basement on a purchased lot on Cleveland Avenue and the final move came in 1968 with a building on the current location of 4581 Cleveland Avenue. No matter the difficulties or cultural changes, the Northland church of Christ has remained serving the community in the name of Christ.


The first minister was Keith Stotts, who would later become the President and Chancellor of Ohio Valley University in Parkersburg, West Virginia. There Keith would lead young Christians on their spiritual journey, including one such Caleb Dillinger, our current minister, who attended and graduated from OVU while Keith Stotts served as Chancellor. Other ministers in the history of our congregation include Paul Keckley Jr., Michael Hall, Eugene Zopp, Steve Campbell, Bill Hopkins, Terry Moore, Mike Hipes, Ron Adams, and Bobby Graham. Each served with God’s Spirit to form the church into the present spiritual family.


Now, over 50 years later, the church continues seeking ways to bring glory and honor to Christ on Cleveland Avenue and through the homes of its members.

Northland's Beginnings