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Welcome to the Northland church of Christ Youth & Children's Ministry

Listed below are several pictures and videos over the past few years that highlight some of the activities for our youth. Join us Sundays or email the church office with any questions!


Northland is connected with week long summer camps at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp and Northwestern Ohio Christian Youth Camp. We also plan activities like Fall Fest in October and Children’s Craft and story time opportunities! 


During the Sunday Morning Worship Service, we have teachers dedicated to working with children ages 2-10 (divided into these age groups: ages 2-3, 4-6, 7-10) following the Lord’s Supper through the end of service. We ensure the safety of our children by providing at least two teachers for each age group. 


Whether you are visiting us and trying to find the right place for your child to grow in their walk with God, or just checking out our highlighted activities, we hope these pictures and videos encourage you to tell others about the awesome ways God can work in the lives of children.

As our Lord Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.” – Mark 10:14

 to read the “Northland Church of Christ Teachers Resolution”

Church Camp

Every summer, youth and adults of Northland head to Church Camp to learn more about God and draw closer to Him while spending time outdoors. Click below to get a glimpse of camp!

Fall Fest

Every October Northland hosts a Fall Festival! A fun event where everyone who attends can dress up and enjoy community, candy, games, and food. Click below to check out Fall Fest!

Youth Events

Throughout the year there are different youth events held by Northland to create a sense of community among youth as they learn more about Christ. Check out some of our events!